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I’m really okay with all these selfie shots since I never take them… But a girl got an iPad and was feeling special - Yagazie

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Mother cat walks through flames 5 times to save kittens from building fire in Brooklyn, NY.

That’s a FUCKING mother right there. Best mother of the year award goes to a god damn cat. I wish my mom was a cat

This is amazing.

YOU GO MOMMA CAT! This is the best post I’ve seen all day!

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the pumpkin king / sally

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Well friend, you’ve come a long way. Plastic surgery and physical therapy free like whatevs (will pay in old age though 😔). Favorite body part. #personal

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The YAGAZIE Lunch Series

I have been in Lagos for over five months now and it has not been without its challenges. Lagos is bursting at the seams with activity and life and I wanted to contribute to the bee hive. Ever since my YouTube and blogging days, I have eagerly awaited the opportunity to create a space for young African women to gather and freely talk. With this step, I hope to work towards creating a safe space for young women to discuss several issues revolving around mental health, sexuality, eating disorders and other personal and social issues.

Personal stories flew back and forth across the tables and I was a bit taken aback by the willingness to share. Success. Here in Nigeria, it is so common to hear the youth openly discuss politics, academics, pop culture, etc, but when the time comes to talk about personal issues such as mental health, sexuality, abuse, we hush up. We go behind close doors to talk softly while the majority of us choose not to talk at all. But these are issues that affect us as individuals. (Keep reading)

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So happy for her. 

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